Galena Preservation Advocacy Organization

The Galena Preservation Advocacy Organization welcomes you as a member. Please note that our membership list (names or emails) will not be shared and is for the Galena Preservation Advocacy Organization (GPAO) Board Members only.

Our Mission:

The Galena Preservation Advocacy Organization (GPAO) is a community based planning advocacy group with a mission of encouraging the preservation and restoration of historic places, focusing on private owned properties.

We will be using Email, Facebook, and Instagram to provide our members with updates and statuses.

We will be sending out monthly email updates that will include projects that we are working on, property updates and upcoming meetings involving Historic Properties, Zoning or Historic Ordinances.

As board members we may reach out to you for support as it relates to preservation of Historic buildings or ordinances that impact Historic Preservation. That support may include  requests that you reach out to your city or county representative or an invite to attend upcoming meetings of the City Council, Zoning Board or Historic Preservation Commission. 

We have found that our efforts are certainly more effective with participation of the community. Strength in numbers as they say.

We close with a quote from previous Galena Mayor, Frank Einsweiler:
"Galena's Future Is In Her Past"
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